Digisocial blurs the line between photos and messaging in new social audio app

Twitpic, Instagram and Now the Social Audio App with Images…


For social apps, it’s clear the lines between types of content and their delivery services are changing. Back in the day, Facebook(s FB) was for profiles and photos, Twitter was for short public messages, and iMessage or SMS was for on-the-go texting. No one had really figured out social video, but products like Airtime and Chatroulette were certainly trying. Instagram was the poster child for mobile photos.

Digisocial discover audio photo clips pageBut the increasing prevalence of smartphones and a constantly-connected generation of consumers seems to be changing some of the product distinctions associated with social apps and services. When we walk around with these apps on our phones in our pockets, the opportunity to use them more like SMS is increasing. A variety of companies, most notably Snapchat or Facebook Messenger but also apps like the newly-launching Digisocial, are looking at the real-time media space as room to grow, as text-only SMS…

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